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Month: December 2015

Mike Colter on Luke Cage and Yellow Shirts

With Jessica Jones having recently dropped on Netflix, and with the second season of filming for Daredevil also well under way, eyes have recently been turning to the next in the series of Netflix/Marvel properties, that being Luke Cage, and according to, Mike Colter had much to say about how Luke Cage will differentiate itself from the darkness of Daredevil, and the noir […]

White Canary’s Love Interest To Be Played By Ali Liebert in DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow

In an interesting move by the CW, is reporting that Caity Lotz’s character, Sara Lance, will be finding herself in a new relationship in DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow. Fans may remember that Sara, while on Arrow had two different relationships, one “on again, off again, on again” with Oliver Queen, and a second one with Nyssa al […]

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