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Goodbye John Hurt

Some actors can leave a legacy filled with critically acclaimed roles, be it stage, TV, or film. Some other actors work their entire lives, even making a really healthy and comfortable living for themselves, all the while remaining somewhat anonymous. Then are those actors, who through pure chance, land roles that put them in a […]

Video Teases The Possibility Of Peter Jackson Directing “Doctor Who” recently reported on a video that The Hobbitt/The Lord Of The Rings” director released via Facebook, and fans of both shows are about to break the internet when teased with the idea that Jackson might actually direct an episode of Doctor Who. Jackson released the video to Facebook that shows himself and his daughter discussing some emails […]

Now You Can Sleep As Comfortably as The Doctor With These TARDIS Sheets!

Recently we wrote about how Marvel made available bedsheets for your wannabe superheroes. But what about your geeky friend who dreams only about time and relative dimensions in space? Well is reporting on Doctor Who sheets from ThinkGeek. The sheets feature the TARDIS, some Gallifreyan writing, and lots of gears because… gears are cool? The sheet sets […]

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