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Early Man Scores In Any Age

Early Man Still

The weekend may belong to Black Panther, but if you’re looking for a PG-rated movie Early Man from Writer/Director Nick Park has the stop-action claymation sports comedy you’ve been waiting on. Yes, I said sports comedy. Set among prehistoric predators and a still-evolving Earth, Early Man pits Stone Age Dug, his sidekick Hognob and his tribe against Bronze Age invader, Lord Nooth, in […]

D. O. A. (1949) | Old Classics?…Newly Reviewed

Editor’s Note: TGGeeks is expanding our review categories! Kicking off Old Classics?…Newly Reviewed right contributor  Gini Koch reviews an “Old Classic”…? in her inimitable way. Tackling what Turner Classic Movies assures us is a “noir classic:” 1949’s D.O.A. Film noir is an interesting genre filled with boozy guys, femme fatales, crooks and cops, moody music and lighting, cynical in […]

Terminal Alliance | Book Review

Terminal Alliance is the first book in a new series by fantasy author and master storyteller Jim C. Hines. When I heard about his launch into space (so to speak), I immediately added it to my “to read list.” I’m always down for a good space opera. Throw in some sharp-witted humor, and a well-plotted conspiracy in […]

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