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Ben and Keith are The Two Gay Geeks

Ben and Keith are The Two Gay Geeks behind TG Geeks Webcast, where our motto is “You name it, We talk about it.” ®
Our website, tggeeks.com, is headquarters for our Webcast as well as articles and reviews on a variety of subjects.
We cover all aspects of Geek-dom and Nerd-ery. As our motto implies, we talk about almost anything. We do tend to talk more about the Sci Fi, Comics, Film, Horror, and Genre, but we have been known to talk about Opera and Disneyland on occasion.
We have become passionate about supporting Independent Creators whether that is film, comics, music, or authors we are always open to talking with creators of all types.
So, come along and join our wildest ride in the podosphere.


keith cruise
Keith Lane
TG Geeks Sound Engineer, Producer, Commentator, Website Administrator, and purveyor of puns
Keith has always been a lover of Science Fiction and it was this love of sci-fi, especially Doctor Who, that introduced him to Ben and sealed the deal for their relationship 25 years ago.
Besides Science Fiction, Keith enjoys Opera, photography, and cooking.
Keith comes to this website and TG Geeks webcast from his previous involvement with Slice of Sci-Fi where he was a contributor and sometimes script-writer and producer and he is an occasional contributor to Technorama Podcast.
Keith has discovered his voice for the website in Restaurant Reviews and is a much more vocal participant in the podcast albeit insanity based vocalizations.



Ben cruise
Ben Ragunton
TG Geeks Webcast co-host and writer on a variety of Pop Culture subjects

When Ben received his first iPod he started to explore the wild and wooly world of podcasts. It was then that he discovered Slice Of SciFi and knew this was something that he wanted to do. Then in 2010 he became the co-host of the new podcast Fusion Patrol, and shortly afterwards joined Slice Of SciFi, first as geek commentator and then later as one of the show hosts. Since then he helped start up No Baggage Attached Podcast as well as TG Geeks with his husband, Keith Lane.

Ben has an unquenchable thirst for a variety of geeky things, especially in the area of science fiction and comic books. As he’s fond of saying, Babylon 5 introduced him to his husband, and it was Doctor Who which sealed the deal!

Ben is also a musician and can sometimes be seen singing with various choral groups in the greater Phoenix valley, as well as sometimes performing as a guitarist for a variety of functions. He is also an amateur photographer, and whenever the opportunity allows for it, can be seen with his husband walking around Disneyland.

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One response to “About Us”

  1. Howard Andrew Jones Avatar

    I hope this note finds you well.

    Baen is publishing the first two novels of my new sword-and-sorcery series in hardback later this year, and I’m writing to ask if you’re looking for guests, because I’d love to come on and talk about the books. Lord of a Shattered Land will be released in August 2023, and its sequel, The City of Marble and Blood, will be released just two months later, in October.

    If you want a thumbnail description of the series, it’s a little like the adventures Aragorn might have had if Sauron won, or the exploits of James Bond alone against the Roman Empire.

    The Chronicles of Hanuvar is a little different from the typical modern fantasy series. Things may be grim, but they’re not completely hopeless, and Hanuvar himself is a heroic figure. He’s not a young man thrust reluctantly into adventure and struggling to understand his powers. He’s seasoned and experienced and while you get to know his backstory, there’s no slow origin to wait through before things get underway. You start with him at the height of his abilities.

    Hanuvar’s not out to prove anything and he doesn’t need to find himself or quest to stop a dark lord’s power. For him, the only thing that matters are his people. When the Dervan Empire came for them, they fought block by block, house by house, until most fell with their swords in hand. Only a thousand or so survived to be led away in chains.

    The city’s treasuries were looted, its temples defiled, and then, to sate their emperor’s thirst for vengeance, the empire’s mages cursed Volanus and sowed its fields with salt. They overlooked only one detail: Hanuvar, the greatest Volani general, had escaped alive. Against the might of a vast empire, Hanuvar has only an aging sword arm, a lifetime of wisdom… and the greatest military mind in the world, set upon a single goal. No matter where they’ve been sent, from the festering capital to the furthest outpost of the Dervan Empire, Hanuvar will find his people. Every last one of them. And he will set them free.

    If that sounds of interest, I can set you up with an e-arc and, if you’re more patient, even a physical copy.
    Before I joined the Baen stable, I wrote historical and epic fantasy St. Martin’s, and four novels for the Paizo Pathfinder line. I was the Managing Editor of Black Gate for its last few years as a physical magazine, and I now edit the sword-and-sorcery magazine Tales From the Magician’s Skull for Goodman Games. I oversaw the collection and editing of the historical swashbucklers of Harold Lamb into eight volumes from the University of Nebraska Press — Lamb was an important influence upon Robert E. Howard and the entire sword-and-sorcery field.

    I can talk at length about the important authors and works of sword-and-sorcery, older fantasy, historical swashbucklers, hardboiled detective fiction, hardboiled westerns, ancient history (particularly the Punic Wars) and a wide variety of other nerdery, especially the original Star Trek and older tabletop RPGs, and The Beatles. I love talking about the craft of writing. I recently earned my third degree black belt in Shotokan karate, though I tend to bore people when I talk about that because for me it’s more about the meditative feel of being deep in a form than smashing faces…

    Thanks for your time and consideration. I hope to hear from you.

    Warm Regards,

    Howard Andrew Jones


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