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Rhonda Moore aka Ro

Movie Reviews, Book Reviews, and General Pop Culture

Ro is a blerd with a law degree who stumbled into a career in healthcare regulatory compliance. She’s a pop culture junkie, social justice and political back-talker living and working in Southern California. In her free time, she reads and reviews books at shelfenvy.com, live tweets action, sci-fi/fantasy shows and often contemplate a career change so she can write that story that just won’t leave her alone.


2014. San Diego, CA. Gini Koch. Mt. St. Mary’s Finals.
© Nancee E. Lewis / Nancee Lewis Photography. No other reproduction allow with out consent of licensor. Permission for reproduction required.

Gini Koch

Author, Movie Reviews, Book Reviews, and General Pop Culture

Gini Koch writes the fast, fresh and funny Alien/Katherine “Kitty” Katt series for DAW Books, the Necropolis Enforcement Files, and the Martian Alliance Chronicles. She also has a humor collection, Random Musings from the Funny Girl. As G.J. Koch she writes the Alexander Outland series and she’s made the most of multiple personality disorder by writing novels, novellas, and novelettes under a variety of other pen names as well, including Anita Ensal, Jemma Chase, A.E. Stanton, and J.C. Koch. She also has stories featured in a variety of excellent anthologies, available now and upcoming, writing as Gini Koch, Anita Ensal, Jemma Chase, and J.C. Koch.

Reach her via: www.ginikoch.com


Andrea Rittschof

Movie Reviews, Book Reviews, and General Pop Culture

Andrea is a native Arizona girl who loves scifi, fantasy, gaming, and comics in all their forms. When not working a corporate job to pay the bills, she is pursuing her writing career by sticking her butt in her chair and writing what her characters tell her to write. With what little time she has left over, she spends drooling over Dean Winchester and reading as many books as she can.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/andrea.rittschof
Twitter: https://twitter.com/andrearittschof


Hamish Downie

News Sushi: News Morsels from Japan and Beyond

Hamish Downie is an Australian writer/producer and music video director based in Japan. Notable work includes the music video for Robyn Loau’s single “Never Let You Down”, and the multi-award winning short film, “An American Piano”, which he wrote & produced, and was officially selected to screen at the TIFF Kids 2015 festival. In 2017, Hamish released his debut Manga, Mirai, both in English and Japanese. It spent 6 months in the top 40 of Children’s eBook Manga on the Australian Amazon site, and reached the top 10 on the US site. Hamish is currently in Post Production for his feature length film, Kodokushi, which was shot in 4 days.



Patricia Chica

International Correspondent / Talent Relations

Patricia joins us as one of our International Correspondents bringing us news from around the world. She also will serve as part of our Talent Relations Department where she will be discovering opportunities for guests on our webcast and features for the website. Patricia is an accomplished filmmaker in her own right and her work has been presented and/or awarded at over 300 international film festivals, theatres, art centers, universities and on television around the world. Countries like Canada, the USA, and Mexico, as well as El Salvador (her birth country) have presented retrospectives of her films in the past three years. We welcome her incredible talent and energy to our TG Geeks family of contributors.

Twitter PatriciaChica


Photo courtesy of Countess Chaos Creations (2017)

Hal C. F. Astell

Independent Film Reviews / Pop Culture

Hal C. F. Astell is a critic, author, publisher and film festival director who runs the Apocalypse Later Empire from his lair in Phoenix, AZ. He has six books in print through Apocalypse Later Press. Apocalypse Later Reviews celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2016. The Apocalypse Later International Fantastic Film Festival (ALIFFF) is in its fourth year. He brings quality films to new eyeballs at conventions across the southwest through the Apocalypse Later Roadshow. His website is apocalypselaterempire.com.


Tommy Cannon

Comic Book Artist, Cartoonist, and General Pop Culture

Tommy Cannon is a local Phoenix Comic Book artist, Cartoonist, Improv Improviser, Teacher, Discoverer of Fred the Mustard Packet, and all around great guy. We are very fortunate that Tommy had a few things up his sleeve that he was itching to get out into he world. One of those is “Dr. Zombie Monster Family Physician”. Each Dr. Zombie installment will be an article of its own with an archive for you to follow the progression of the storyline. Tommy may occasionally provide coverage for the odd Pop Culture event or happening in the area as his busy schedule allows.
Website: http://www.tommycannonstudios.com
Twitter: Tommy Cannon


E.M. Knowles

Gaming Industry and General Pop Culture

Erin M Knowles is a novelist, game writer, and narrative designer. Her works of fiction, whether digital or analog, trend to the cerebral and macabre as a dark trek through history and the mind. She emphasizes issues of inclusion, social and psychological struggles, oppression, and the delicate balance between the fragility and triumph of the human experience. A member of The Independent Writers Network, International Game Developers Association, and The South Georgia Writers Guild, Erin has been an author since 1999 and a game writer since 2013.

Website: http://emknowles.weebly.com/
Twitter: @emknowles


Al Sparrow

Comic Book Artist, Cartoonist, and General Pop Culture

Al “Alabama” Sparrow wears a number of hats. Writer, artist, letterer, reviewer, and at one time, obituary writer. He’s the writer of the popular indie comics Thugs! (with artist Stephen Reid) and Red Skirts (with artist Dave Beaty). He’s also the writer/artist/everything else on Barbrabarian, as well as the forthcoming Harrier and Nightingale, and Twitch. He resides in Arizona with his longsuffering wife as well as a Basenji and three cats who are plotting to kill him. He’s played bass in a number of bands and has an addiction for just about any type of stringed instrument. 

Website: www.studiofugazi.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/StudioFugazi/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/StudioFugazi/


Andrea Van Scoyoc

Mistress of the Macabre

Andy describes herself as: Saint to some…Sinner to most.

Acidic souled but hilarious, Andy can have you laughing one minute and hating her the next, the life of the party, she’ll be the first to turn around and burn it all down.

Multi-facets make up a complicated creature filled with love, peace and joy, tempered by a suffocating darkness she can’t escape.

Andy will be contributing a column entitled Andy’s Antics as her time allows.

Website: https://pottersfieldarchives.blogspot.com
Twitter: @AndyVanScoyoc


Russ Kazmierczak

Comic Book Artist, Cartoonist, and General Pop Culture

Russ Kazmierczak, Jr. is the creator and self-publisher of “Amazing Arizona Comics,” a minicomic that satirizes Arizona news, history, and culture with superhero adventure. He’s the Phoenix New Times Best Storyteller 2018, and he performs poetry and stand-up comedy throughout the Valley. He’s also the biggest fan of The Monkees you’ll ever meet.


DaVette See

Special Los Angeles Correspondent

DaVette lives in Inglewood, CA and is a Browncoat-wearing, Vulcan-gang-sign-flashing, Gryffindor-house-dwelling girl geek. She holds a BA in English Theater, and a Law degree. She is a freelance filmmaker and writer living in Inglewood, CA. She loves movies, old TV shows, books, and music. When not writing while covered in fur, she is working on her upcoming web-based talk show, Afro Bites! She’s wife to Rob, daughter to Martha, and mom to eight…kitties.

Follow DaVette on Twitter/IG @mariavah.


Rob See

Special Los Angeles Correspondent/ Photographer

Composer/filmmaker/graphic designer/photographer/editor/programmer/analyst/husband/set designer/artist…in no particular order.
Although Rob has been trying to figure out what he is for a very long time via a lot of different explorations (some folks call them jobs), he still hasn’t quite figured out what he’s going to be when he grows up. Regardless of the preferred nomenclature, he’s done a lot. His friends call him a renaissance man, but that’s probably due to the premature grey that started sneaking in years ago. He is known for his passion, creativity, unmerciful obsession with details, and forward thinking. Not to suggest he’s a saint; no, a Diet Coke addiction and a penchant for Ben and Jerry’s (or Haagen Daaz) have kept him from achieving anything even close. And he’s okay with that.


Brian Webber

Guest Contributor

Brian describes himself as a progressive and pro-feminist. He has been heavily involved in various online media discussions and conundrums. Brian is an avid consumer of podcasts and other media and enjoys commenting on items he finds interesting including Star Trek and other sci-fi series. Brian has had several Tumblr accounts for his alter ego, Arkle, where he created alternate Star Trek Voyager quotes for characters. He has also created several different Youtube playlists on his Arkle Studios channel. Currently, he is in a third season of Shameless CashGrab.

Twitter @Arkle


Neal Hallford

Industry and Talent Relations

Neal and his wife Jana have been longtime friends of the show and were instrumental in giving TG Geeks Webcast the boost it needed at the right time. When we discovered “Case of Evil”, their award winning Horror Short at Phoenix Comicon on a recommendation from Neal’s cousin Bill.
Neal joins us as our Industry and Talent Relations Representative.
In 1984, Neal Hallford wrote, produced, and directed the first episode of the original run of Uncharted Regions when he was only 17. Despite a subsequent 27 year career as a award-winning narrative designer for the computer gaming industry (Betrayal at Krondor, Dungeon Siege, Champions of Norrath) and a further 10 years experience as a indie film producer, Neal still considers audio drama a favorite medium for storytelling.
Twitter: Nealiios
Website: Uncharted Regions


Tom Leveen

Author, Movie Reviews, Book Reviews, and General Pop Culture

Tom Leveen is an award winning author and master story teller. Tom has written short stories, books, and how-to manuals that have been published by the likes of Random House and Simon & Schuster. Tom is also a regular exhibitor and panelist at Phoenix Comic Fest.
And if he needed any more Geek Cred, he has even teamed up with Todd McFarlane in writing for the Spawn Comic Book Series.
Tom has been writing since the second grade and is an advocate for early literacy. He has a ton of experience (22 years) in theater. And as such he will be writing reviews for us on a number of topics. Perhaps his column could be “Wading through the Amazon” or “Prime Time Deconstructed” or even “Tom’s Tall Tales (Tails?)”. Look for more information as we roll out his columns.

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