Shortcuts to Hell Shortlist to Stream at TheHorrorShow.TV

shortcuts 2Attention all aspiring horror filmmakers! Shortcuts to Hell 2 is conducting a nationwide search for fresh talent who are “chomping at the bit” and ready to make their first feature horror film. Along with partners Horror Channel, FrightFest, Wildseed Studios and Movie Mogul, Shortcuts to Hell 2 is working with Video On Demand partner, TheHorrorShow.TV who will then make the films on the shortlist available to download and stream for their horror fans.

Movie Mogul and Wldseed Studios will produce the winning film that will enter into production early in 2015 with a minimum cash budget of £20,000, or $34,000 US dollars. The film will also receive a world premiere at FrightFest 2015, receive UK digital distributions (no word on whether that is exclusive or not), and also have its premiere on the Horror Channel.

All entries need to submit a 3-minute short film version representing the idea for their feature length movie, and they must clearly show the core idea, premise, story and characters in a narrative form. A short list of 26 finalists will then be selected to pitch their story ideas to a jury panel. Some of those on the panel are: Horror Channel’s Emily Booth, FrightFest’s Paul McEvoy, Total Film Magazine acting editor Rosie Fletcher, Wildseed Studios’ Jesse Cleverly, John Shackelton from Movie Mogul, as well as film director Simon Rumley. They will select three filmmakers to go to London at this year’s FrightFest to have their three minute films screened in front of the toughest horror movie critics in the world: the audience.

The competition is already seeing entries come in and judging is expected to continue through July and August. This will all lead up to FrightFest which will be August 21 – 25, 2015.







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