GLBT equality in #Credence

Credence 2GLBT portrayals have come a long way in cinema over the past 20+ years. Starting with flamboyant stereotypes, to stories of victims suffering from AIDS, to tales of young men and women coming out and trying to make a life they can call their own, director Mike Buonaluto felt it was time to maybe downplay those differences which define us and focus on those similarities with the rest of the world that unite us.

GLBT individuals are slowly making their mark in genre TV (True Blood, Teen Wolf, The Lair), but it is in the realm of genre feature films that Buonaluto felt that a story could be told that could resonate with everyone, and the movie he wants to make is called Credence.

The story is pretty much straight (no pun intended) to the point. Earth is suffering from a series of destructive storms, which is destroying the planet. The only hope for humanity is to evacuate, but limited resources only make it possible for children who can afford the expense to board the ship and be allowed to leave. It is here that we meet the same-sex parents of one child, and it is these fathers who are willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that their daughter has a chance to escape their fate.

Credence has a universal message that in any kind of tragedy it’s important that couples come together and support one another,” said Buonaluto in a press release.

Buonaluto and his team are currently raising funds via IndieGogo to complete production. It is hoped that with enough people’s support to fund and finish the film that they can show the world what it looks when Sci-Fi supports equality.



Buonaluto is largely known for his video (which went QUITE viral) for UK marriage equality called “Homecoming” or from his work with AllOut in two short films – “Invisible Parents” and “#LoveAlwaysWins.”

We here at Two Gay Geeks wish Buonaluto the best of luck and all the success in the world!

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