A classic villain is coming to The Flash and the one they’ve pulled out of his list of enemies is none other than the villainous Captain Cold, the nefarious leader of Flash’s Rogues Gallery, and he will be introduced in the upcoming 4th episode of the show’s premiere season.

Wentworth-Miller-ResidentEvilThe actor chosen to play the part will be Wentworth Miller who is not a stranger to the world of genre entertainment, as actor playing Chris Redfield in Resident Evil, as well as scriptwriter for the critically acclaimed Stoker. This casting news clearly demonstrates the current trend to lean towards younger versions of these classic characters, much in the same manner that has been done in “The New 52.”

According to executive producer Greg Berlanti, who spoke at the Television Critics Association summer press tour, “We don’t know how long Captain Cold’s stay in Central City will be or what his role and storyline will be like in the long run — or even how he’ll be introduced — other than “We’ll be seeing his origin [story] and the origin of the Rogues.”

But wait, there’s more! In a move to carve out their own sense of “television synergy,” episode 8 of both Arrow and The Flash this season will actually serve as a two-hour crossover event. The details are unknown at this time, but given the quality of the writing, as well as the attention to detail these shows are being given, it’s safe to assume that these stories will have nerds and geeks buzzing about with excitement in the days leading up, and following, this television event.

Sadly, DC Comics’ Chief Creative Officer, Geoff Johns, was asked about seeing the characters of The Flash and Green Arrow possibly making their way to the big screen. His response was simply, “We will not be integrating the film and television universe. At DC, we really see film and TV as separate worlds. ARROW and FLASH create a huge DC universe for us. And it’s going to live and breathe and grow.

The CW’s The Flash will premiere on October 7th.

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