This week we have some news about a Game, a big Green thing, a Wolf, and a Strange Rumor, as well as a Special Comment by Ben. Got that Coke-Mini handy, this is a short installment.

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2 thoughts on “TG Geeks Webcast Episode 6

  1. I wouldn’t read too much into Joaquin Phoenix buy all those Doctor Strange comics *just* yet. Several years ago during the run up to The Avengers, Eva Longoria was seen leaving Marvel HQ with a stack of Avengers comics in her arms. This was also around the same time that Nathan Fillion was rumored to be playing Ant-Man in the first Avengers movie, and we all saw where that went. Funnily enough, when I shared that story on my Facebook page, my Mom took one look at the picture and went “Janet Van Dyne.” She knows less about Eva Longoria than i do, having never really watched anything with her in it except for the short-lived Dragnet re-boot that Dick Wolf produced something like a decade ago (geez, has it been that long?). Since then however, Longoria has not been involved with any Marvel project, film or television.

    As for me, I know I’ve said this before on social media, but I honestly would love to see, long shot though I know it is, Daniel Day-Lewis as Stephen Strange.

    The only thing that concerns me about the Doctor Strange movie at this juncture though are the words “Prometheus writers.” Oh gods, Prometheus SUCKED! Let’s hope that they do better this time.

    1. Well as I’m fond of saying, I merely report the news. I don’t create it.

      I must admit, I was rather shocked at the idea of Joaqin Phoenix playing Stephen Strange. While I think he’s a good actor, I still don’t feel that he has either the “age” to play Strange. We are talking about a man who had become a highly successful neurosurgeon with a practice that lasted long enough for him to develop the arrogance as portrayed in the comic book. That tells me he has to be a man past middle-age, but at the same time he has to have a certain sophisticated quality to his character. While Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hardy can both express that quality, I maintain that they are too young. I’ve been saying this time and time again… I would love to see Pierce Brosnan in the role. He’s not too old to play the part and can do so with an air of gravitas and a sense of authority which is necessary to be the Sorcerer Supreme. However, I highly doubt that Marvel will go down that road, and they’ll most likely pick an actor too young to play the part.

      All of this, of course, is still conjecture. One other thing that my news story regarding Phoenix did not cover, is that it has been reported that Phoenix HAS been in negotiations with Marvel recently. Of course that doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll play Stephen Strange as he could be up for another role in a future Marvel movie.

      Anway, thanks for listening Arkle!!!

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