New Trailer for “Arrow” Season 3


The trailer for the new season of Arrow was shown at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, and as with all things CW, this trailer pulled no punches.

Following a refresher on Oliver’s alliances and adversaries from the CW hit’s sophomore run, we get loads of new footage — including an Oliver/Diggle quarrel, that date, Brandon Routh’s introduction as Ray Palmer (aka The Atom) and a taste of Oliver’s Hong Kong flashbacks. There was also an extended trailer (which we have here) revealing that one Ra’s al Ghul will take center stage in Season 3.

The character of Ra’s was alluded to several times during Season 2, with the appearance of daughter Nyssa al Ghul and the famed League of Assassins. With Canary and Malcolm Merlyn both having ties to the League and both confirmed to return in Season 3, it’ll be interesting to see how this pans out. Additionally, during Comic-Con, it was also revealed by Marc Guggenheim that Ted Grant, aka Wildcat, will be appearing in the upcoming season. It’s said that Grant will have some sort of tie to Katie Cassidy’s Laurel Lance.

You’ll also spy Prison Break alum Peter Stormare’s own take on Vertigo, Roy in his Arsenal ensemble, Sara’s quotable comeback line and what looks to be the foundation for a renaming of Starling City…?

During Arrow’s actual Comic-Con panel, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg said, “So much of Season 3 is about the price of victory. Everyone is enjoying the peace that they’ve found … [but] as Joss Whedon has always said, ‘The minute you give one of your characters happiness, you have to yank it away from them.’”

But does that mean Oliver and Felicity’s joint happiness is also on the line? That shot of Felicity bleeding on a table in the trailer certainly doesn’t bode well. “They go for Italian,” exec producer Marc Guggenheim revealed of the pair’s upcoming first date.

“We weren’t trying to fake anybody out with Oliver’s confession to her,” added EP Greg Berlanti, noting that their feelings for each other have “always been genuine.” Added series lead Stephen Amell: “It’s not like there hasn’t been sexual tension between the two characters” — though the actor was wise not to reveal who he really thinks Oliver belongs with.

Another Felicity tidbit dropped on the panel: We’ll learn about her time at MIT during a Season 3 episode titled “Oracle.”

As for Oliver’s relationship with Roy — aka Arsenal — Amell said there are definitely “unresolved issues” between them. “However good they are right now,” he teased, “I’m sure they’ll get bad really fast.”

And you can bet that Thea and Malcolm’s daddy drama will only serve to exacerbate those issues. “Thea is going through something pretty crazy right now,” Willa Holland said of her character’s darker turn. “All I can say is that I’ve been hitting the gym a little bit. … The girl you saw in Seasons 1 and 2 is not the girl you’re going to see in Season 3.”

On the subject of The Flash and Arrow‘s two-hour crossover event — which will be episodes 108 and 308, respectively — Kreisberg promised, “Everyone will get a little taste of each other,” before immediately realizing what he just said. In other crossover news, Felicity will show up in The Flash‘s fourth hour.

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