The future and a some surprises for Fox’s “Sleepy Hollow”

sleepy-hollow-finaleFox’s Sleepy Hollow was, well for last of a better term, the sleeper hit of last year’s TV season. However, at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, everyone had their attention focused on Ichabod (Tom Mison) and Abbie (Nicole Beharie).

Our group of fighters for good found themselves in one of the stickiest situations at the end of their first season in what has been heralded as probably one of the best season ending cliffhangers to come along in a long time. So precarious was their predicament that people have been continuing to talk about what is in store when the series returns this fall.

In a continuing smart move by the part of the writers, it has been revealed that the problems they are facing will not be wrapped up quickly. According to show producer Mark Goffman, “We don’t want to get out of that easily, so whatever you think is coming isn’t coming.”

The official season 2 trailer for the series is below.

Something which has been extremely popular and well received from the show is how historical fact has been woven into this supernatural tale in such an amazingly clean and seamless manner. We can even expect to see more of this through the addition of some new historical characters including Benjamin Franklin, who will not have the best relation ship with Crane, as well as turncoat Benedict Arnold, which should prove to be interesting given Crane’s betrayal to serve the revolutionaries.

One interesting new twist will be a further examination of the relationship between Katrina and Abraham aka Headless Horseman which is being likened to a “Beauty and the Beast” relationship. Headless still loves Katrina, but it will be made clear that Katrina’s heart belongs to Crane.

The second season of Sleepy Hollow will premiere Sept. 22 on Fox.






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