Three cast members leave “Ant-Man.”

Ant-Man1Continuing with further fallout from the departure of director Edgar Wright, it was announced that three cast members have been dropped from Marvel’s Ant-Man. This news was greeted with rumors regarding more dissatisfaction with Marvel’s troubled movie, that the three actors left the project for the same reason that Wright did, but according to Deadline it was learned that as the story was reshaped to fit the collaborative vision between Marvel and new director Peyton Reed, that several characters who had originally been a part of Wright’s version of the movie no longer quite fit in with this new story.

antmancastingKevin Weisman (Alias) and Matt Gerard have been dropped from the movie in order to fit the studio’s ongoing re-writes, and Patrick Wilson (Watchmen) simply left the project due to a scheduling conflict which resulted from a delay in production following Wright’s departure.

Many of the remaining cast, especially Michael Douglas, Paul Rudd, and Evangeline Lilly, not to mention Kevin Feige himself, have been doing their part collectively to assure fans that Ant-Man is still in good shape and is on target for its July 17, 2015 release date, and is the story of Scott Lang (Paul Rudd), a con-man who must overcome his weaknesses and summon the hero that lies within him, all to help his mentor (Michael Douglas), the inventor of the Ant-Man suit.







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