New Logo Design Forced by Facebook (@facebook)

We have been forced to change our Logo due to the restrictions Facebook places on ads limiting text to 20%.

Here is the old design, which I happen to like.

And here is the new design, which I am not fond of because it is not “us”. I hope this one will fly, it looks good on the “grid tool”. But, I won’t know until I try to use it….

TG Geeks FB Icon1

The sad part is that I tried to reach out to Facebook and only fell into “bot Hell”. There appears to be no real person with whom you can interact. You would think that a company that purports to be all about social interaction would at least have a few people employed who might interact with those who wish to give them money.

It would also seem that some advertisers have a preferred status over others (read:those with deep pockets) since just scrolling through my timeline at any point, I run across advertisers that have logos with more than 20% text (some up to 80% in the logo). Hmm, how could that be?

All I wanted to do was “boost” the posts for our Webcast.

***Sigh*** So, I bend to the pressure of Goliath. Am I selling out? Or just giving up?

Any Comments or Suggestions from the masses?



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