Jurassic WorldThe PR machine for Jurassic World hasn’t shown any signs of laziness by trying to ride on the coat tails of the three previous Jurassic movies. Quite the contrary.  In fact it has gone so far as to actually create a fictitious website regarding the titular park, including the various park shows, merchandise, and even a widget showing what the temperature currently is at the park. With details such as a map of the park, activities for kids, and even animal feeding times really make this an immersive website in what is clearly an attempt to stoke the fires of excitement for the upcoming movie.


Now, most likely to stake its own stronghold in the myriad of blockbuster trailers being released, Universal Studios has released the second full length trailer for this action blockbuster, with scenes that clearly give a hint as to the plot of the movie.

So what do you think? Is the website a good marketing idea? Do you think the trailer actually does a good job at hyping the movie? Let us know, and we might discuss your responses on an upcoming episode of the TG Geeks Podcast!

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