A Game too Far, too many Thorns

The HBO series Game of Thrones has gone a bit too far this time and I am afraid I may not watch another episode.
In fact it was difficult to work up the desire to watch the last episode of this season.
It is one thing to have been subjected to the Red Wedding, and then the humiliation of Theon, but then we have the Rape of Sansa, as well as many other atrocities. But when you resort to the burning at the stake of an innocent child that has experienced so many negative things in her short life, and for what? For gratuitous gore and nothing more. That was the event that had me wondering whether I should continue on with the season finale.
Yes, I understand this is a fantastical story and that life is not perfect or even fair, but for the entire five seasons we have watched this show it is nothing but death, violence and torture for everybody no matter their station or influence or even survival in the books. That much violence and death are just a bit more than I am willing to tolerate. It is especially disturbing because it seems that good NEVER triumphs over evil, but evil always triumphs and even evil loses out to greater evil.
The show runners don’t seem to care as pointed out here in a quote from a Huffington Post review by Erin Whitney:
“While you may or may not agree with Weiss’ questioning, or the direction of the show as it deviates from the books, it should be noted that “GoT” doesn’t seem necessarily interested in pleasing its viewers. More and more, the show has neglected concerns over controversy and has stood strong by its intention to depict the depravity man is capable of when thirsty for glory and power. Is it fun to watch? No, not really — and the death of a child in particular makes dragon appearances all the less thrilling, as many viewers felt on Sunday.”
As for me Game of Thrones has darkened my spirit for the last time. Yes, I will miss some of the characters and miss the resolution of some of the plotlines (most will end with everyone dead if left up to the show runners) but I didn’t blink twice when I quit watching other programs that were far less gory, bloody, and just plain vile.
It has become the anti-Tomorrowland and I just don’t need that much negativity in my life, I create enough all on my own.
Now, I think I will go meditate. OOOOHHHHMMMMM.

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