Ultraman To Come To The Big Screen

Following in the success of kaiju movies such as Pacific Rim and Godzilla, Japan is bringing to the big screen one of their most popular TV properties, that being Ultraman.

The series primarily focused a group of giant heroes that were all part of the “Ultra Family,” with the purposes of fighting a variety of evil monsters whose only goal was death and destruction.

The different members of the Ultra family were skilled in martial arts, as well as possessing a variety of energy weapons used to help vanquish their enemies. The original Ultraman series was created by Eiji Tsuburaya, co-creator of Godzilla, and the first series originally aired in 1966 with only 39 episodes. Since then the series has seen regular returns to Japanese television, each time with a different member of the Ultra Family.

Check out the trailer.

No release date has been announced so far.






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