Beware “The Con Of Wrath!”

ConOfWrathWhen the Two Gay Geeks interviewed Neal and Jana Hallford of Swords and Circuitry Studios (TG Geeks Webcast Episode 24) we discussed one of Neal’s other projects, and that is a documentary he was working on with Larry Nemecek called The Con Of Wrath about a Star Trek convention. However this wasn’t just any convention. No, this was supposed to be the convention to END all conventions. So, what started off as an ambitious dream actually ended up becoming The Con Of Wrath.

To view the trailer click on “The Con of Wrath – Teaser Trailer II – COMICCON 2012” hyperlink below

The Con of Wrath – Teaser Trailer II – COMICCON 2012Preview / teaser trailer for The Con of Wrath.

Posted by Neal Hallford on Saturday, July 7, 2012

If you want to learn more about The Con Of Wrath just go to Larry Nemecek’s website.

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