Beyond the Impact Viewing Options

Since publishing our Episode 30 where we interviewed Jeff Patton, Director of Beyond the Impact, we wanted to show you all of the viewing options available to see this incredible web series.
See below for the links to Beyond the Impact website, Vimeo, and Youtube.
Below the video links we have links to Episode 30 (Jeff Patton) interview and Episode 28 (Marc Biagi, cast Member BTi) interview.

Click any of the pictures below to view the media

Beyond the Impact Website

Click Poster to go to Bti website to view all three parts
Click Poster to go to Bti website to view all three parts


BTi Screen Vimeo


Etched Motion Productions Channel

Etched Motion Youtube logo

Beyond the Impact Part 1


Beyond the Impact Part 2


Beyond the Impact Part 3


TG Geeks Webcast Episode 28 – Marc Biagi Interview, Cast of Beyond the Impact

TG Geeks Webcast Episode 30 – Jeff Patton Interview, Director of Beyond the Impact

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