Channing Tatum leaving Gambit?

Gambitbar6401While the word is still early and no formal confirmation has been made at this time, news has been buzzing around that Magic Mike heartthrob, Channing Tatum, is poised to leave the upcoming X-Men spinoff, Gambit, according to The Wrap.

Word of the big shakeup start rumbling through the Hollywood rumor mill of the departure from the future 20th Century film, although at this time no reason as to why such a departure has been given. As equally uncertain is what would Tatum’s possible departure mean not only for the movie itself, but also for possibly even the franchise. Movies can win and lose based on box office stars, and at this time no one knows what this means for the movie should Tatum actually choose to exit this project, especially since Tatum was also reported to be on board as the producer for Gambit.

Appearing at San Diego Comic-Con alongside his fellow X-Men actors, Tatum had expressed great enthusiasm towards this project, but sources now simply say that the deal is in “jeopardy.”

The screenplay for Gambit is being written by Josh Zetumer (Robocop), to be directed by Rupert Wyatt (Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes), and was to be produced by Tatum and his creative partner, Reid Carolin, as well as Simon Kinberg and Lauren Shule Donner.

Gambit is slated for an October 7, 2016 release date, which was to follow the May 27, 2016 release of X-Men: Apocalypse.






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