Barbara Gordon Reportedly Cast for Batman versus Superman: Dawn Of Justice

gordon-146122In more “hot off the press” news, it has been reported by Latino-Review that the role of Barbara Gordon has been cast, and she will be played by Jena Malone. It is unknown at what point in Barbara’s life will we see her. Long time comic book fans know that she started off, not only as the daughter of Commissioner Jim Gordon, but has also patrolled the city of Gotham as Batgirl. However, during her tenure as Batgirl she became paralyzed at the hands of Joker in Alan Moore’s graphic novel Killing Joke after which she took on a new identity as Oracle, where she helped Batman through information retrieval, hacking and digital information. Still, it is also not known as to how much of the comic book lore will make up the movie canon so it is very possible that we may see Batgirl, or perhaps we may just get Barbara Gordon without any of the superhero wrapping.

It had been rumored for some time that Malone was to be cast as Carrie Kelley, who appeared in Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns and served as Robin, but with earlier news showing that Robin is also dead because of Joker the casting of Malone as Barbara Gordon made the most sense.

What are your thoughts? Do you wish to see Batgirl, or Oracle? Are we already having a few too many superheroes already? Please let us know by leaving a comment and we might very well share it on the next exciting episode of TG Geeks Webcast!!!

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