Multiple Star Wars Shows on Netflix?

bobIt has been reported that, following the potential success made by Marvel Studios with their Defenders related properties, parent company Disney is looking at making multiple live-action shows for the Netflix streaming service, as reported by Jordan Maison from

According to Maison, Disney is looking at upwards of three live action series that connect to the Star Wars universe. All this is being done possibly in an attempt to jump on the excitement for not only the new trilogy that is being developed (starting with Star Wars: The Force Awakens), but also with the “anthology” movies being planned (Star Wars Anthology: Rogue One)

“For Lucasfilm this makes a lot of sense, as they want to keep the cinematic feel of the movies going with the TV shows. Netflix allows for such a presentation much better than network television, while also giving them a chance to explore stories and characters which otherwise might not be a good fit somewhere else.”

Now while some people believe that Disney would have gone to ABC to push a product like this out in order to get the biggest rating draw as possible, others believe that with Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. having difficulties in the ratings might cause Disney to look elsewhere, and the enormous success that Marvel Studios is having with Daredevil and other related properties possibly makes Netflix look more alluring.

However, this is an early breaking story and with all things in the entertainment industry it is also subject to change, and we here at TG Geeks will report on it as soon as we learn of any new developments.







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