More Marvel Universe Building in “Ant-Man”

In another deft move by Marvel Studios, more Cinematic Universe building has been accomplished, this time through the use of 4 short videos that help to serve as small, independent back-stories to Marvel’s latest movie. All four of these video shorts may, or may not, appear as part the Ant-Man bonus material when released on home video. In the meantime, they can be enjoyed here.

Leslie Bibb reprises her role as news reporter Christine Everhart (Iron Man and Iron Man 2) where she reports the on story of the impending parole of Scott Lang.

The second of the four videos is supposed security footage of the industrial crime that Lang had committed after which he was tried, found guilty, and sentenced to prison.

The third video is an interview with Pymtech CEO Darren Cross (Corey Stoll) as he sits down for a brief Q & A with Wired Insider, where he talks about what prompted him to take over the company that Hank Pym started.

The final video is an “interview” conducted by Everhart with soon to be paroled Scott Lang (Paul Rudd returning and playing the part as only he knows how), which doesn’t exactly quite go as planned.

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