More season 4 casting for “Arrow”

baron-blitzkrieg-145211In some interesting casting news, it has been announced that the CW has pegged Jimmy Akingbola as Baron Von Blitzkrieg, a character who had been a villain of Wonder Woman during World War II, now will be a recurring character prominently featured in flashbacks, and as in the DC Comics Universe, will the leader of a crime organization called Shadowspire.

Ryan RobbinsAnother actor cast as a member of Shadowspire is actor Ryan Robbins who will be playing Conklin. According to Variety he will appear, also as part of the flashback storyline, in the 4th season’s 3rd episode. However, it is still not known where these stories will take place in terms of location.

High Quality Wallpaper
High Quality Wallpaper

As for the chief villain for the Starling City storyline of the series, it had been previously announced that Neal McDonough has been brought in to play Damien Darhk, the man that the late Ra’s Al Ghul had wanted to kill. This role puts McDonough in the enviable position of being an actor with possibly both feet planted in each of the two major comic book universes, one with DC’s Arrow and the other in Marvel’s Agent Carter (should he ever wish to reprise his role as Dum-Dum Dugan).

Jeri RyanLastly, a TV actress who is no stranger to sci-fi fans, Jeri Ryan has been cast to play Jessica Danforth. She is a friend of the Queen family and will have political ambitions. As to how those ambitions will play regarding any interaction with the Arrow is not known yet.

All of this news comes on the heels of the casting of Alexander Calvert as Anarky, and Echo Kellum as Mr. Terrific.

The fourth season of Arrow premieres on the CW on October 7, 2015.

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