Deadpool trailer, BOTH the Green Band and Red Band released online!

Deadpool1After all of the hype from the trailer shown at San Diego Comic-Con, and then the trailer being video recorded by someone in the audience after which it was released online, 20th Century Fox has finally delivered on an official trailer for Deadpool.

The “Merc with a mouth” is an anti-hero from the Marvel Comics who, as Special Forces operative Wade Wilson, is forced to undergo some wild experiments to help him beat the cancer that is eating him inside. After these experiments he develops accelerated healing powers and becomes Deadpool.

Ryan Reynolds plays the anti-hero and you can see the GREEN BAND trailer below.

Now it had been announced that there would also be a RED BAND trailer of the movie, which for those people who don’t know, show an extra level of violence as well as a number of F bombs. In other words, this trailer is Not Safe For Work! The trailer was premiered on the TBS show Conan, where Comic-Con attendee Conan O’Brien gave everyone in the world the first glimpse at this R rated superhero comedy.

You can see the RED BAND trailer below, and remember, this IS NOT SAFE FOR WORK, so view it at your own discretion, and as Deadpool says in the GREEN BAND trailer, be sure to get your mommy’s permission!!!

The movie hits theaters February 12, 2016.







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