Doctor Who Rumor Says No Series 10 In 2016

13th_doctor_costume bannerDoctor Who Series 9 is set to premiere on Sept. 19, and it looks like it may be the last Doctor Who Series fans see for a while.

British magazine Pirvate Eye (via Bleeding Cool) is reporting a rumor that Doctor Who Series 10 will not air in 2016, though the possibility airing specials throughout the year is still on the table. BBC did something similar from 2008 through 2010, during David Tennant’s final days as the Doctor, as the show transitioned into a new star and showrunner.

The rumor suggests that the lack of a new Doctor Who series in 2016 would be due to showrunner Steven Moffat’s commitments to his other hit series, Sherlock. The decision is also said to be part of Moffat’s ongoing struggles with the BBC. The network is reportedly pressuring Moffat to step down as showrunner.

The rumor is still very much unconfirmed. It’s also worth noting that Private Eye is a satirical magazine, though they have proven to be a source of true behind-the-scenes Doctor Who news in the past.







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