Ben Affleck approached for long term Batman deal after screening of Batman vs. Superman

ben-affleck-batmanBatman is king. He has always ruled the roost with his movies, and that’s basically because, well… he’s Batman!

Sources over at Warner Brothers report that a private screening of Batman vs Superman was held for the studio executives and afterwards gave the movie a standing ovation as well as reportedly reached out to sign on Affleck for a three picture stand-alone Batman deal. Apparently the talk is that they want to make these movies the cornerstone of the other DC movies Warner Bros. has on their slate. It is even reported that one of the executives for Warner Brothers referred to Affleck as “the definitive Batman.”

All of this is just hearsay at the present time and has not been confirmed, so we will look at these reports as just rumors for now. However, given the incredible popularity of all things Batman we would not be the least bit surprised if there were any truth to these stories.

Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters on March 26, 2016.

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