No Crossovers In The Future For Supergirl… For Now!!!

supergirl-zoomCBS Entertainment Chairman, Nina Tassler announced during an executive session for the Television Critics Association on Monday that there are no plans at all for any crossovers to take place between the upcoming CBS series Supergirl and either Arrow or Flash on the CW, despite the fact that all three shows are produced by Greg Berlanti.

Elaborating on the point to a group of reporters Tassler said the following:

“I’m a little bit of a superhero geek and I have a lot of respect for what characters inhabit certain universes,” Tassler said. “You can’t just] just pick up one character and let them fly over and appear in another setting. You really have to be respectful and mindful of what each universe says you can and can’t do. Obviously working very closely with DC and our producers, Greg Berlanti is the poster child for this field. Right now we’re not doing it. We’re doing it promotionally, but we’ll always stay open. They’re very inventive about what they can and will do.”

Even Superman will not be seen in this new series, although he will be referenced by both Jimmy Olsen (Mehcad Brooks) and Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist), and as far as whether or not Supergirl exists in the same universe as the CW shows, the answer for that so far is “They’re not right now, no.”

The other big concern is whether or not Supergirl will be able to go toe to toe against Fox’s Gotham. Both shows are scheduled for Monday nights at 8:00 PM, but as of now Tassler feels no threat of competition from the fellow DC property.

“I think that they’re different audiences,” Tassler told reporters. “I think Supergirl has a much bigger, broader audience. It’s more family entertainment. They look different, they feel different. Judging by the 14.1 million streams of the trailer, I don’t think anybody is worried about oh my God, there is not enough audience out there to watch both those shows. I think there will be.”

Supergirl will be premiering on CBS Monday, October 26, 2015 at 8:30 PM before moving to its regular timeslot at 8:00 PM on November 2.

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