Godzilla to return, bigger, badder, and better than ever!

GODZILLAMax Borenstein, who wrote the 2014 monster film Godzilla, and was brought back to work more writing back magic on Godzilla 2, has come out of his place in hiding to give a few details as to what we might expect in the monstrous sequel, with words like “bigger” and “better” being thrown about.

So far very few specifics have been revealed regarding the sequel from Legendary Pictures, except that the movie went right into development in May of 2014 after it opened to some pretty big box office numbers both domestically and internationally, with a projected date of June 8, 2018 as a release date for the Big Guy’s return to the screen, and with director Gareth Edwards to sit again in the director’s chair after he finishes with his work in Star Wars for 2016. What has been teased, however, are some possible other kaiju we might expect to see, including three big fan favorites from past movies, the destructive pteranodon Rodan, the beautiful and divine Mothra, and the deadliest of them all, the three headed flying dragon King Ghidorah.

Collider talked to screenwriter Max Borenstein while he was at the TCA’s promoting his upcoming series Minority Report and asked the writer if the series would prevent him from writing the monster sequel.

No, I’m doing it. I’m writing it now, and it’s really going to be great. I don’t want to go off book and tell you anything that I’m not allowed to tell you. The response to the first film was really exciting, but now that that world is established, we can do bigger and even better things. We’re really stoked.

Again, not much information revealed here, except repeating “bigger” and “better.” If there were any misgivings from the first film it is that there wasn’t enough of Godzilla, so maybe he’s also referring to “more” instead of just a total of 8 minutes of screen time (which was my biggest misgiving from the movie)

As for Edwards, he’s quite busy working with Star Wars right now and there is some concern that the two year gap between the releases of Star Wars: Rogue One and Godzilla 2 will not be enough time to complete the needed, and very important, special effects.

But what about the Japanese Godzilla movie currently in the works? In April, Toho revealed that filmmakers Hideaki Anno and Shinji Higuchi, best known for their work on Neon Genesis Evangelion and the upcoming live-action Attack on Titan movie, will co-direct the 29th Godzilla movie with Anno scripting and Higuchi set to supervise the special effects.

A new ABC News article (found via i09) describes some of the new “hybrid” special effects techniques being used in the new Toho Godzilla reboot:

Higuchi’s special-effects techniques were amply demonstrated in “Attack on Titan,” a new release received favorably in Japan. The work combines computer graphics with manipulating a towering doll of rippling red muscle that resembles a giant biological anatomy chart, as well as special-effects filmmaking, using actors moving through miniatures, to depict grotesquely enlarged humans. Applying to Godzilla that kind of technology, which Higuchi calls “hybrid,” has never been attempted in Japan. Higuchi is promising just that.

Higuchi promises his Godzilla movie will lose the excess that he says killed the franchise:

Godzilla had to deliver more and more, responding to calls from the audience, as well as creators. Godzilla went through these stages, resetting itself, developing and then succumbing to exhaustion, until it just got so big it had to stop.

Given the advancements in filmmaking, it will be very exciting to see what Toho Studios will be able to produce, and how much will it rival its American counterpart. The principal photography for Toho’s Godzilla is expected to start in Tokyo sometime in September.

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