SyFy Channel To Produce Frederick Pohl’s ‘Gateway’

GatewayThe SyFy Channel has lived up to its recent promise with the continued acquisition and production of science fiction content, most recently when announcing that they will be developing a TV adaptation of Frederick Pohl’s Gateway which won both the Hugo and the Nebula awards, and this adaptation will be co-developed by former Battlestar Galactica producer, David Eick.

People might not be familiar with this book so here is the official synopsis:

In Gateway, humanity discovers an asteroid teeming with the long abandoned spaceships of an advanced alien race — the Heechee – setting in motion a gold rush for alien artifacts and technology. The ships are preprogrammed, transporting their voyagers to distant worlds of riches — or certain death. Undaunted by the peril or the odds, prospector Robinette Broadhead gambles everything on a journey to Gateway. After one nightmare mission, he returns to extraordinary wealth and luxury, but is haunted by the loss of his crewmates, including the love of his life.

Executive Vice President of Original Content, for SyFy Bill McGoldrick said;

“We’re delighted to develop this fascinating First Contact story with long-time partners Universal Cable Productions and Entertainment One. Gateway is thought-provoking and unsettling, raising profound questions about mankind’s possible relationship with alien life.”

Gateway became the first book in what became the Heechee Saga, so if Gateway can become a hit there is always the possibility that the other books of this saga might also be tapped for TV development.

Among SyFy’s other adaptations will be Arthur C. Clarke’s Childhood’s End which will be a 6 episode event playing out over three nights, as well as The Expanse, an ambitious interplanetary murder series, and both of these will premiere on December 14, 2015.

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