Interview Footage From D23

D23 is a spectacle that can, at times, only be compared to San Diego Comic-Con. It was also well known that Marvel did not make any presentation towards their movie properties at SDCC and the popular theory was because D23 was looming around the corner. There was no disappointment, as Kevin Feige showed up to talk a little about the  next two movies which make up Phase III, specifically Doctor Strange and Captain America: Civil War, and we have the video here. This is only some talking as there is no footage from any of the upcoming movies. Still it is interesting to watch.

Next there was Walt Disney Studios President Sean Bailey to talk about several upcoming Disney movies, starting with a film about a true “rescue at sea” story, The Finest Hours, which is starring Chris Pine, who made an appearance to briefly talk about the movie. Afterwards Bailey turned the discussion towards a different adventure at sea, this time a movie titled Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales which sees not only the return of Johnny Depp as everyone’s favorite sea pirate, but the return of Geoffrey Rush as Captain Barbosa and the surprising return of Orlando Bloom as Will Turner. It was here that a certain, swaggering sea Captain took to the stage much to the cheers of everyone in the convention hall. Lastly, what would be a Disney styled convention without discussing what has to be their biggest property right now, and that would be Star Wars: The Force Awakens where the primary cast of the new movie were brought out, as well as one of the “veterans.” Again there was no movie footage, but the segments here are nonetheless interesting to watch.



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