‘Origin: Beyond The Impact’ Kickstarter Official Launches


ORIGIN BTi POSTERThe Kickstarter program for Origin: Beyond The Impact has officially launched. For those of you who don’t know, Beyond The Impact, or BTi for short, is a web based science fiction series involving a meteor crash in 1962 and the repercussions from that event which continued to resonate into present day and beyond.

If you go to news story Beyond the Impact Viewing Options you can see for yourself the first part of this ambitious production.

Now they need your help.

In order for writer/director/producer, Jeff Patton to finish his vision he will need financial backing so that he can make this the way he sees it, with the cast and crew he wants and has already picked out. Etched Motion Production, along with Kickstarter, have put together a very detailed, and exciting project detailing all of the aspects involved in getting this next production started. As with any Kickstarter Project there are a variety of perks depending the amount you pledge.

Please help in supporting this project. For those of you who have followed our shows and the interviews we’e conducted with various members of the cast and crew, you know how much we believe in this and we hope that you can believe and help in this project as well.

If you wish to visit the Kickstarter page for Origin: Beyond The Impact just click here.

If you wish to just view the video that Etched Motion Production created for the project, you can just click here.

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