‘Doctor Who’ To Look To The Power Of The Fans

Peter CapaldiAs with all ideas this could either take off or it could crash on takeoff. What is it? Well the BBC has launched “Mission Dalek,” a competition for fans of the traveling Timelord to come up with stories of their own about the Doctor and his greatest enemies, the Daleks.

The only catch is that your work must be of a digital, visual medium. This means it can only be in the form of video, animation, or artwork, and the springboard should be “The Doctor’s Year 2000 Diary” which is full of new footage that the BBC has released to fans to remix for this competition.

The BBC has also made available a gallery of downloadable clips and images for fans to use, and should you, the fan, wish to write and film your own video you are free to do so. Just keep in mind that in doing this you are giving the BBC free license to use your work without end. However you also do put yourself in the running of winning a visit to the set of Doctor Who as well!







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