Neighbours From Hell Movie has a Doctor Who Connection?

The Two Gay Geeks have learned that a new film in production from Director James Eaves will feature a Doctor Who alumni, and who is that you might ask? None other than Colin Baker, the sixth Doctor, will be featured as a demonic neighbour (notice the UK spelling) in a comedic suburban setting.

As far as plot goes we don’t have a lot to report other than this is a horror comedy. We are in contact with the Director and will report more once we know more.

In the mean-time; what we do know is that the Director is James Eaves, who has directed several other films such as The Witches Hammer, and Nazi Zombie Death Tales. Colin Baker is the male lead and Suzanne Shaw is the female lead.
Amber Pictures is the production company who bills itself as a “low budget film production company in Southhampton”.

We are very excited to see what this horror comedy is all about.

We have a few pictures below as well as Social Media contacts for the principals and the production company.


Here is a synopsis form the director:
On the brink of divorce from his wife Joanna, selfish slob Simon Fisher reluctantly agrees to attend a Halloween supper with his snobby next door neighbours, Phil and Pam. When Simon and Joanna arrive they meet the fifth guest, a mysterious old man. The stranger, is in fact a demon, intent on imprisoning them in the house until midnight, when he will decide which one of them to possess for the next one hundred years. A horror comedy that plays on the prejudices we have for the people next door. Best get to know your neighbours as you may need them some day.

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