Conditioning’, a Horror Film with a Message

The Two Gay Geeks have learned of another new film still in the pre-production and development phase called Conditioning. This project, co-written by Philip Pugh (@philm_maker) and Joe Capella (@worldofcapella), it is starring Joe Capella and is directed by Philip Pugh.

These men have taken pages from today’s news headlines regarding bias and hate crimes committed against others simply because they are different, and took an artistic approach by addressing these issues in the form of a horror film. We received the following from both Pugh and Capella regarding the movie Conditioning:

‘Conditioning’ By Joe Capella & Philip Pugh

Background, inspiration and subtext

The problem with most horror films is the lack of connection and empathy that the audience has with the victims. This is in part due to poor or thinly conceived characters, but is also rooted in the fact that most of the victims are either in the wrong place at the wrong time, moved into a house with a bad history or they live near or on a street where a phantom serial killer resides and they die at the hands of an opportunistic killer. With ‘Conditioning’ we want to explore the conventions of modern horror movies juxtaposed with real life horrific circumstance and hate crimes. ‘Conditioning’ is based around a hate crime and the horror that derives from that. We feel being persecuted for who you are rather than being in the wrong place at the wrong time is a much more terrifying prospect, adding a different dynamic to this short horror. The end reveal shows the true conditioning that’s gone on, highlighting how a persons actions and beliefs are as a consequence of environment and nurture, contrasting with the wrongly assumed belief that sexuality is of the same consequence and is in fact a choice.

People aren’t born racist, homophobic or prejudiced but can be born gay or of any race.

Synopsis: ‘Conditioning’ is an uncompromisingly gory yet thought provoking horror short film about a young gay couple who have to fight for their lives at the hands of a homophobic family of captors. With a truly unexpected ending, this film doesn’t fall under the category of cheap, tacky horror, it actually has something to say.

We’re genuinely overwhelmed by the strength of feeling and positive feedback towards the script so really can’t wait to get filming.
We’re at the exciting part of pre-production where everything is coming together nicely and we’re making the last few final additions to our cast and crew.
We will shortly be doing a crowdfunding campaign to help finance the film. We’re also on the lookout for sponsors. And we’re looking for that all important location in the Midlands, UK where the bulk of the film will take place (an abandoned warehouse or other derelict type location).
We’re on course for filming late September and releasing the film towards the end of the year.

Please visit their Twitter account @ConditioningUK,and as soon as they setup a Facebook page we will share that with you as well.

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