TG Geeks icon 0612This week the Two Gay Geeks talk TV and Movie news. We have a few interesting tid-bits, from news about Big Screen properties to Little (depends on how big your TV is…) Screen gems and even some Indie Screen possibilities. Join us as we discuss the news and banter nonsensically about all things entertainment. Check below in this article for important links. As always we welcome your feedback, let us know what you think, good or bad we want to know.
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Show Notes / Links:
See the trailer for the Fox series Minority Report here

See episode titles for Jessica Jones in our article here

Dubsmash War starts September 2nd, check out our article here or the Crowdrise link here

Please consider supporting our friends over at Beyond the Impact as they continue their Kickstarter campaign here

Click here to view the New Star Wars Canon Timeline in Chronological Order

See the trailer for Victor Frankenstein in our article here

Have a look at the concept art for the new “Star Wars Land” unveiled at D23 in our article here

Check it Out

As our motto “You name it, We talk about it” implies, we have a wide variety of interests. With that in mind, we are always on the lookout for interesting things to talk about.
Below are two exciting independent film projects that fit squarely in our area of interest, one has a Doctor Who connection and the other is of LGBT interest. Check out the articles for more information and to connect with them on Social Media:

Neighbours from Hell, a new Horror/ Comedy film in production, we look forward to more info (especially since Colin Baker is involved). See our article updated with a synopsis here

Conditioning, a Horror Short film with a message in the pre-production phase. See our article for more information and to support these young independent filmmakers here

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