Now You Can Take A Tour Of PIXAR… By Way Of Video!

Luxo-Jr-at-Pixar-Animation-StudiosAre you a fan of animation? Are you a fan of PIXAR? Are you such a dedicated fan that you would take a drive all the way over to Emeryville, CA just to stand outside the front gates and photograph it? (We did…) Have you ever wondered what it must be like to step through those gates?

Well be prepared to don your green jealousy makeup because Disney Fan, Keith Lapinig, had such an offer land in his lap when he was able to take a PRIVATE TOUR (what the TG Geeks would give to have such a tour) of the entire Pixar campus.

Now while Keith Lapinig’s visit doesn’t exactly take away any of the bitterness anyone might feel for not being there personally, he did bring his camera with him just to allow us to enjoy a trip to PIXAR vicariously through him. So, do you have 15 minutes to spare? Then you might enjoy this!!!

Here’s the video tour from Keith Lapinig’s YouTube channel:

Obviously Keith wasn’t permitted to do any photography or take any videos where new projects are being worked on (although it’s a safe bet that he was allowed at least a glimpse), but that’s only a small part of the enormous campus that makes up all of PIXAR.

In case you need anymore evidence that Pixar’s campus is a cool place for about 700 people to work at (and occasionally sleep and eat), Billy Crystal has previously said of the studio’s digs:

“I was there once for a day. And I just remember this open feeling of the campus. There were ball fields to play on, and there were exercise places — very much the Japanese influence of, ‘Let’s get out at 12 and we’ll do push-ups and sit-ups and get into the sun.’ And then they all just drifted back to make something great.”

Also, if you want to see the kind of stuff you can get on Pixar’s campus, including that infamous ball with the red star on it, check out this video detailing Keith’s goodies that came in a free gift bag from some exclusive event. Jealous?

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