Richard E. Grant To Join “Game Of Thrones”

richard_e_grantA new face will be joining the cast of HBO’s Game Of Thrones for its sixth season. The new, undisclosed character for the epic fantasy series will be played by Richard E. Grant. The news first appeared at Watchers on the Wall, and has been confirmed by Entertainment Weekly.

Grant, who recently appeared in ITV’s Downton Abbey also had a run in the last season of Matt Smith’s tenure in Doctor Who as the Great Intelligence, not to mention also appearing in theatrical movies like Gosford Park as well as playing a kinder, gentler character in TNT’s A Christmas Carol where Grant played Bob Cratchett opposite Patrick Stewart’s Ebenezer Scrooge.

HBO has kept quiet regarding any details about Grant’s character, which has naturally only fueled the rumor machine where speculation has been running amok. Among the wide range of theories one of the strongest sees Grant as playing Randyll Tarly, the father of Sawmill Tarly, while others support the idea that he may be playing Ned Stark’s friend Howland Reed. As soon as anything is confirmed by HBO regarding Grant’s role in the series we here at TG Geeks will report it!

Game of Thrones will return for Season 6 on HBO in 2016.

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