Warner Bros. Rumored To Be Asking for Less Superman and More Batman

batman_v_superman__dawn_of_justice_poster_ben_affleck_henry_cavill-post-batman-vs-superman-who-is-the-best-villain-for-dark-knight-rebootSlashfilm.com is reporting on a rumor that the executives at Warner Brothers, after having viewed test screenings by the film’s crew and studio execs, are calling for a change in the the movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice by calling for more Ben Affleck and less Henry Cavill.

While the reaction to the screening was reportedly overwhelmingly positive, a new rumor says Warner Bros. now wants to make some changes. Supposedly the studio thinks that Batman v Superman needs more of Ben Affleck as Batman in the movie and less of Henry Cavill as Superman. Why? Well, the reasoning is that Affleck is blowing Cavill off the screen, so they think more of The Dark Knight will only help the movie. Details on Batman v Superman adding more Batman to the flick below!

Heroic Hollywood is behind this latest rumor, which could potentially be a little worrisome. Sure, there are plenty of changes made later in production as a movie starts to take shape in the editing room, but how much more Batman can they add to the film without drastically changing the dynamic of the movie and any plans they had to follow with the rest of the DC universe?

It’s no secret that Batman has been much more popular than Superman on the big screen in recent years, so it’s not exactly surprising that Warner Bros. wants to give Affleck more screentime as the Caped Crusader. After all, there’s been rumors of an entire trilogy following Affleck as Batman, so clearly executives love what the actor is bringing to the table as the superhero.

Now I personally find this somewhat perplexing. I’m not taking anything away from the acting that I’ve always believed Ben Affleck is capable of doing, but there are two things to consider here. First, this entire push in the DC movie universe all got its start from Man Of Steel, and while I personally am not a fan of this movie (I’ll take Christopher Reeve and Superman any day of the week), the fact remains that Man Of Steel was a bonafide success, so pushing Henry Cavill to the side in this manner seems as if he’s being reduced to only getting bread crumbs. Secondly, the movie is about Batman going toe to toe with Superman. It’s in the title. To diminish Henry Cavill’s part in this movie in favor of Ben Affleck seriously tilts the movie in Affleck’s favor, and if there is to be an eventual Justice League movie then DC needs to take a page out of Marvel’s playbook and see that giving characters equal time, not only individually, but corporately as well, can only better serve the finished product. However the studio may be looking at this from a purely business standpoint. Batman has historically been more successful in the box office than the Superman franchise of movies, but to do this provides a disservice to the fans who deserve something better than giving them a product that is pushed out in a form that executives feel will better serve their bottom line.

This rumor does come at a time when we’ve heard rumors of Man of Steel 2 being put on “permanent hold,” even with Mad Max: Fury Road helmer George Miller also being rumored to direct, so that does add more fuel to the fire that Superman may take a backseat to Batman in this expanding comic book universe on the big screen.

With six months to go, Warner Bros. and director Zack Snyder have plenty of time to give Batman more screentime without scrambling to make it happen, but if it’s happening this late in the game, hopefully more Batman scenes won’t feel tacked on and take away from what already sounded like a solid comic book movie. Stay tuned for more.

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