The Flash Season 2 Trailer Gives Us Jay Garrick And More…

One of the great characteristics about this series, especially coming from the very grounded (at least at the time) Arrow, this series had no reservations from being fantastic. The accident which created The Flash allowed the show runners to create a myriad of super villains for our Scarlet Speedster to fight against. This series delighted in being somewhat weird, and at times, “timey wimey.” Now it’s going to get even more interesting!!!

The trailer that was just recently released by the CW for the sophomore season shows us a team that is very much in to what they are doing. They are out to save the world. Then, as a result of the events from last season, a new character shows up in the form of Jay Garrick, who was the original Flash in the comics from the 1940’s. However here he appears to be a Flash from an alternate universe, and that’s only the beginning!

Check out the trailer below:

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