Conditioning Movie Indiegogo Campaign Kickoff

Several weeks back we started talking about a new film out of the UK called Conditioning (see article here).
Well, there is now a crowd-funding campaign for you to go look at and get more information about the film and the filmmakers.

From the Indiegogo write up, “We love horror films, especially gory, gruesome, blood filled ones and with your help we fully intend to make this the goriest, gruesomest, bloodiest horror short we possibly can, BUT what’s going to set ‘Conditioning’ apart from any other horror film is that we want to make you actually care about the victims and make them relatable. “

This project, co-written by Philip Pugh (@philm_maker) and Joe Capella (@worldofcapella), it is starring Joe Capella and is directed by Philip Pugh.
Please visit their Twitter account @ConditioningUK

We encourage you to go to the Indiegogo page and consider making a contribution to these young independent filmmakers.

Conditioning Campaign

Here is the link for the Indiegogo Campaign site.

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