Max Landis’ Dream Sequel Pitch For “Man Of Steel”


landis-social-8944fSay what you will about Max Landis, but the “Chronicle” screenwriter possesses a contagious enthusiasm for film and for Superman. He really, really likes the Man of Steel, so much so that he created a short film about “The Death and Return of Superman,” then pitched an epic reboot of that storyline before getting a crack at the character, first in DC Comics’ “Adventures of Superman” and then in the upcoming arc “Superman: American Alien.”

Now reports that Landis has returned to the Last Son of Krypton with a pitch for his dream sequel to Warner Bros.’ “Man of Steel.”

As he relates to Screen Junkies, in the wake of the widespread destruction in the 2013 film, Superman is a reviled figure while Clark Kent, suffering from PTSD, has hung up his cape. Ready to leave Metropolis forever, Clark is given one last assigned for the Daily Planet: to interview charismatic billionaire Lex Luthor — “basically an evil Elon Musk” — portrayed by none other than Tom Hanks. In a film directed by James Cameron.

It turns out the brilliant Luthor knows Clark’s true identity, and offers to help him repair his damaged reputation, by sending him where he’s needed most. In exchange, however, Superman will have to perform a few favors. Despite Batman’s warnings, Clark agrees to Lex’s terms. It’s only after he captures some of the world’s seemingly dangerous meta-humans and vigilantes — Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Arrow, Martian Manhunter — that Superman discovers Lex’s true, sinister intentions: to assemble his own superhuman league, mightier than any army.

Watch the video below for Landis’ full (and enthusiastic) pitch.

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