Update In The Next Phase for Origin: Beyond The Impact

Stephan WillingDuring our whirlwind trip to San Diego to cover the Horrible Imaginings Film Festival we had the opportunity to meet up with the head production team from Origin: Beyond The Impact (BTi), Jeff Patton, Mike Evans, Jessica Ingham, and Tatiana Patton, as Jeff wanted for us to get a sneak preview of the new movie score that has been composed by Stephan Willing for what will be the next installment in the BTi saga.

Stephan, a German composer, sought out Jeff for an opportunity to score for this project and was quickly hired based on the fact that he spoke “the same language” musically as Jeff making for a strong collaboration between the two of them.

What we heard was a rough cut of what would be the opening sequence followed by what will be Katie’s Love Theme. The music was all performed on synthesizers, but through advanced digital technology was able to give very close approximations to what the final result will sound like when arranged for a full orchestra and choir. The music was breathtakingly strong and dramatic, reminding us of the orchestral structure that Richard Wagner liked to employ, and the love theme had a simplicity and beauty to it that quite literally made me cry.

Given what has been done so far in pre-production Jeff Patton clearly has every hope that the donations will come through and that his vision will be fully realized.

The Kickstarter program for BTi is still in full swing. Please check out their Kickstarter page and donate if you can. As we have said before, both in articles and in interviews, BTi is one of the best web shows I have ever watched and this next story deserves a chance to be made.






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