Gotham Season 2 Premiere Is To Serve As “A Second Pilot”

Gotham Season 2At a special screening on set at Steiner Studios in Brooklyn, select press were invited to come watch the first two episodes of Gotham ahead of their release. While the premiere hits Monday, September 21, 2015, this episode will be picking up directly where last season’s ender left off. This is something new, while the focus will be placed more on characters and their own development in the show, and that pace will accelerate towards the next episode.

This overall approach will create something that has an overall story-arc feel, and not so much like a procedural which was the general tone of the first season, something which Ben McKenzie (Jim Gordon) agreed on and even referred to the season premiere as a “new pilot.” Said McKenzie:

“Yeah, we’re re-originating the show pretty significantly. You could say this is a second pilot, and you’re right. The first pilot we made did show how it could be a grand, serialized saga, but it got diverted into the procedural act. We basically needed to end the first season and right the ship, to move it back to where it should’ve been. There’s 75 years of this stuff, all these characters and all these movies. They’re really rich and have this really complicated moral landscape that they’re living in. So let’s, you know, let’s explore that!”

That moral landscape is something he has wanted to explore more, especially in how it relates to his character of Jim Gordon in particular. He even having an tease for those who haven’t seen the premiere yet:

“When I was pitched this by Bruno Heller, it was ‘Serpico meets L.A. Confidential’ in both its moral landscape and its visuals. It’s the good guy trying to bring justice to an injust world, and in doing that has to rise everyday and confront not only the world but himself and what he’s become. He becomes a pale version of the hero he sets out to be. I think you see that in the first episode of season 2.”

Gotham‘s Sean Pertwee (Alfred Pennyworth) also said that the new episodes “rip along” to help facilitate the longer story arcs, and also expressed how dismay about the excessive breaks in the broadcasting of episodes which helped to cause the overall flow of the story to become a bit lost.

“I think it feels like there are less pages to the scripts but more going on. We won’t have that extra break, that March Madness thing. We’re just going 11, break, then the other 11.”

Erin Richards, who will be returning as Jim Gordon’s ex-girlfriend, now inmate of Arkham Asylum, expressed her own interest in this new approach for her character by exploring that new level of darkness, to which the actress admitted is “so much fun to play,” and that only through moving away from the procedural approach to the more arc driven series could this be allowed to happen.

Lucius Fox, whose brief appearance in season 1 could only be considered as that of a cameo, will be back in season 2 to help Bruce learn more about his father Thomas Wayne, and all of the past baggage that comes with it. He also expressed praise for the writing crew in allowing themselves to grow and learn as the series progresses, which is why the series is going in the direction for the stronger characterizations.

For David Mazouz, this upcoming season will see a much greater growth and development in his character as he continues on his journey to eventually becoming Batman, all the while is cadre of confidants grows. While he’s enjoying this new direction in the storytelling, he does have to deal with some surprisingly dark times for a teenaged boy to deal with. However there will also be the “normal” stuff that other boys his age go through, and Mazouz is very much onboard with all of this.

“Everything feels different with season 2. We really got our groove. There’s a whole new sense of confidence, from the writers and for me. We know what we are doing [now]; we had that year under our belt to figure out what worked, what didn’t work, what we liked. We know what we’re doing.”

Gotham Season 2 debuts Monday, September 21 at 8pm on Fox.

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