Thea Teases New “Speedy” Look For ‘Arrow’ Season 4

arrow-s4-speedy-countdown-header-152669The 4th season of Arrow will be arriving in just under two weeks, and in an attempt to help generate excitement (like we really need anymore excitement for this show) the CW teased a new picture of Thea Queen as she fully embraces her Speedy persona on the official twitter account of the show, and according to the CW this season is all about “A new era of heroes coming to Star City.”

Eagle eyed readers surely recognized that the name of the city in the show is no longer Starling City, but Star City which takes it one step closer to the comic book title itself (fans may remember that Ray Palmer wanted to change the name of the city, and this was done to honor now that he is presumed dead). The other interesting aspect to the catch phrase from the CW is that not only does the city finally become Star City, but Oliver Queen finally realizes his comic book destiny by returning and becoming the “Green Arrow.” With an entourage including his sister-sidekick Speedy, ex-girlfriend (and maybe future girlfriend again?) Laurel Lance as Black Canary, and former bodyguard now kick butt man of action Diggle with his new outfit suggests that this new era might be a bit more “traditional” than what we have seen with the first three seasons.

Arrow season 4 begins on Wednesday, October 7 on The CW.

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