Ridley Scott To Direct All Three ‘Prometheus’ Sequels

prometheus-570x297While Ridley Scott’s on the promotional trail for his new film The Martian, the director’s been surprisingly forthcoming about his plans for further Prometheus movies. Only last week, we heard that the first sequel to his pre-Alien movies, tentatively called Prometheus 2, is now titled Alien: Paradise Lost.

Before that, it was revealed that there are plans for no fewer than three sequels to Prometheus, all eventually building to where 1979’s Alien took off. The lingering question, particularly with Scott’s consistently busy schedule, is how many will he direct himself?

According to Den Of Geek!, the answer is all of them.

When he was asked whether he was directing Alien: Paradise Lost, he replied with an unequivocal “Yes.”

“I’m starting at the beginning of March,” he said. So what about the two further sequels that will follow after that?

Ridley was asked: “Are you doing those yourself, do you think?”

“This time?” Scott replied, “Definitely. Last time I should have done it.”

Scott’s referring here to events in the mid-80s, when James Cameron wound up directing Aliens, seemingly without Scott even being aware the project was happening.

“I just thought, ‘Welcome to Hollywood,’ and got on with it,” Scott shrugged.

As for that title, Alien: Paradise Lost, Scott had this to tell us.

“It’s a subtext. Because where we go to is Paradise Lost.”

Scott’s referring, of course to John Milton’s epic poem, which details the Biblical fall of man. Scott points out that Satan is the major, most interesting character in the story, and hints – enigmatically – that we’ll see something similar in his Prometheus sequel:

“The handsome guy gets all the fun and all the girls, doesn’t he? And he’s the evil son of a bitch! He’s the good-looking one who gets all the girls and goes to all the nightclubs. The good one is kind of dull and depressing! [Laughs] So in a funny sort of way, it touches on that. It’s too simplistic to call the bad element in [Alien: Paradise Lost] evil, but it’s closer to answering the question, who and why would any being create such a monster, and for what reason? There was a reason for that, right?”

Cue lots of people dusting off their dog-eared copies of Milton’s 17th century verse. But there we have it: Scott’s making all the Prometheus movies. Straight from the director’s mouth.

TG Geeks will report on this as we learn more.







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  1. Arkle Avatar

    Three? Three?! THREE?! That stupid movie gets THREE sequels, but whether or not we actually get Pacific Rim 2 is iffy at this point? Hey, Ridley, are the three sequels also going to have characters who can only move the plot along by being complete jelly brained idiots? Oh, and what other good actor’s talents are going to be wasted on unlikable characters? #FML

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