Teen Titans TV Series Is Still In Development

Teen TitansComicbook.com reported on the surprise fans received back in September 2014 when a Titans series was announced as being in development, especially since it wasn’t at The CW, or even a major network like CBS, NBC, or Fox, the other homes of current and recent DC shows, but at cable network TNT. The original report said the team would be led by Dick Grayson as Nightwing, and subsequent rumors and reports said Starfire, Raven, Hawk, Dove, and Barbara Gordon (in one identity or another) would also join the team.

But then in May, the pilot written by Akiva Goldsman and Marc Haimes was said to be going into production “maybe this summer.” The show was left off any fall or spring plans at TNT and WBTV, and no casting or production happened over the summer, leading many to believe the project was simply dead on arrival.

Not so, says TVLine‘s Matt Mitovitch. In his weekly “Inside Line” column, he was asked about the status of the show. With a direct line to TNT president Kevin Reilly, Mitovitch is in a fairly good position to know, after all. While he didn’t give any details, he did say, “I asked around and have been assured that the DC Comics-based series is still in development.”

Steven R. McQueen has teased that he’s working on a project playing Nightwing as recently as August 31, 2015, routinely posting images of Nightwing memorabilia and comic books on his personal instagram accounts. He might just be campaigning for the part, but maybe TNT’s development is further than we think. Either way, at least it is still in the works.







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