Warner Bros. Reportedly Proceeding With ‘Justice League Dark’

Justice Leage DarkComicBookResources.com, reports that Warner Bros. is moving ahead with the long-teased Justice League Dark film under the guidance of producer Scott Rudin.

According to The Tracking Board, the project is no considered a priority by the studio, which hopes to begin production next year.

Featuring some of DC Comics’ supernatural heroes, like John Constantine, Deadman, Zatanna and Swamp Thing, Justice League Dark had been in development by Guillermo del Toro since 2012. However, the director left the long-simmering project over the summer, later explaining that Warner Bros.’ scheduled conflicted with his own plans for Pacific Rim 2 (which has since been bumped from the Universal Pictures calendar).

“Warners liked the script, they were very enthusiastic and wanted to green-light it but they wanted it to coincide with the shoot of Pacific Rim 2,’” del Toro said in July. “I was put in a very difficult place facing a difficult choice, and I chose to do Pacific Rim 2‘”

He’ll reportedly remain on board as a producer.

Although script details have been closely guarded — as much as del Toro talked about the film, it was only in relation to characters — The Tracking Board suggests the story may involve a series of ancient books stolen by a madman who wants to destroy humanity. Constantine then seeks out heroes specializing in the supernatural to help save the world.

Rudin has a long list of film credits dating back to the early 1980s, including Sleepy Hollow, No Country for Old Men, The Social Network, True Grit and The Grand Budapest Hotel.

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