‘Time Bandits’ Coming To TV Says Terry Gilliam

Time BanditsTerry Gilliam, the “man ahead of his time” visionary director has been talking about Bandits, but not just any Bandits… No, after his highly acclaimed film Time Bandits was restored a couple of years ago  there had been all sorts of discussion regarding that particular property, and now it looks like it has a future in the form of a television series.

The Guardian (via Digital Spy) hosted a web chat with Gilliam who then revealed some of the TV projects he’s presently looking at, the first being a TV series based on his movie Time Bandits and another called The Defective Detective based on a script he and Richard LaGravenese wrote after doing Fisher King.

The Defective Detective apparently has been in development for some time now and it follows the a private investigator as he’s looking into the disappearance of a young girl. He later discovers that she may have been transported into some fantasy land where everything there is based on story books, and the detective realizes he’ll have to figure his way into and out if he hopes to solve the case. It was first a feature film with actors like Danny Devito, Nick Nolte, Nicholas Cage and Bruce Willis reportedly being attached to it, but it never progressed beyond that point. Now, with the online service Amazon creating original content there is some talk that this might be part of some contracted deal the online service might have with Gilliam.

According to the blog Indiewire, Time Bandits was actually considered for television before, but it didn’t come together. Hallmark wanted to do it circa 2001, and Gilliam wrote some episodes with Charles McKeown. However, for whatever reason, it fell apart. But now, more than a decade later, it seems to be up and running again, though who will be financing it isn’t yet known.

Meanwhile, Gilliam continues to drag the forever delayed and embattled Don Quixote up the mountain, with yet another start date, explaining to BBC Radio 4’s Front Row what the hold up has been. “I’ve waited now for another year, and things go wrong, and the most tragic one is a couple months ago, John Hurt, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer,” he said. “And I tried to somehow get it through the system, but we had one go where ‘Don Quixote’ was carted off in a medical helicopter, and the insurance company is not going to let me get away with that twice.”

“We’re supposed to be shooting in April next year, and I’m waiting,” he added. “It’s like I’m in a Beckett play, and just waiting for Godot. I’m waiting for the cast, I”m waiting for the money, I’m waiting for the organization, or I”m waiting for an actor. And that’s the worst thing about making films. I’m really not good at planning far ahead.”

That last comment seems a bit disingenuous as Gilliam has plenty of plans in the mix Take a listen to his full BBC talk below and lay your bets about whether or not that ‘Quixote’ start date holds.

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