Domestic Violence is NOT Exclusive to Any One Community #enddomesticviolence


There is a new music video/short film from Director Hamish Downie that is set to “The Last Time”, a song by Robyn Loau. The short film follows a Lesbian couple caught in a cycle of domestic violence showing that domestic violence is NOT limited to the “straight” community.

The film accurately depicts the angst and horror experienced by the victim and ultimately the freedom when she chooses to take off the mask of conformity and escape the cycle thus putting an end to the violence. The film also accurately depicts the abuser as a troubled individual who appears to be repentant and tries to make up only to continue the cycle another day. The location shows a life in shambles and that there can be light at the end of the tunnel when you make the choice to escape.The film shows a life in shambles (thanks to the location) and that there can be light at the end of the tunnel when you make the choice to escape.

This short film/ music video makes a powerful statement that there is hope and healing upon escape from a domestic violence situation.

As far as the technical aspects of this film I have always been a sucker for Black and White, it speaks to me. I have always thought that Black and White captures the essence of a place or situation. When you take away the distraction of color, you begin to see clearly the whole picture, if you will. And the choice of location only adds to the creepiness of the subject. Beautifully shot and directed.

Here is the video:

Director, Hamish Downie – Website

There is Help

If you or someone you know is caught in a domestic violence situation, please know there is help available. Below are a number of organizations that have a variety of resources to help:

GLBTQ Domestic Violence Project Link 1.800.832.1901

Glbtq dvp

Lifewire Link

GLBT National Help Center Link

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