Feeling Romantic? How About “Love Songs of the DC Universe”

love-songs-625x326DC Entertainment has been rapidly expanding the reach of its characters in film, television and video games, but it may be overlooking a market ripe for expansion: music. Specifically, love songs, according to Comicbookresources.com.

Vs the Universe offers some inspiration, both for the company and for fans in a certain mood, with its hilarious retro-style infomercial for Love Songs of the DC Universe. Where else can you find the crowd-pleasing blend of old favorites and new classics like “Two-Faces, Two Hearts,” “That Girl is Poison … Ivy,” “Brightest Day, Sexiest Night” and “Solomon Grind-Me.”

And anyone who doesn’t get just a little choked up by the moving rendition of “The Man of Feel” obviously has a heart of stone. It’d be like printing money, DC …

So is this something you might like to listen to when you’re feeling romantic with that “special someone?” Let us know in the comments below!





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